Auto-Body Parts is one of the only companies in the industry to provide painting services to paint hoods, bumpers, radiator supports, mirrors and fenders. Just choose which auto body part and paint color you need, and we will take it from there. Just choose the auto body part you need to pickup then the paint color you want. Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery.


Cost to Paint for that parts that aren't already listed "Painted"
Bumper (Front or Rear): $195
Fender (Left Hand or Right Hand Side): $175
Bumper End: $85
Mirror (Left Hand or Right Hand Side): $85
Hood: $235
Door Shell: $250
Tailgate: $235
Radiator Support: $150


Please call us at (630) 458-0082 for more information or if you have any questions about our auto body parts painting services.


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